Saturday, 27 March 2010

Freedom & Privacy

The country, as a whole, is totally fed up with the totalitarian attitude of the present government, when considering CCTV, the 'rights of entry' now enjoyed by council and agency bureaucrats, the lack of freedom which now constrains how we speak, think and act - to mention but a few.

Henry Porter, writing in the Guardian, homes in on the latest proposal that HM Revenue & Customs are to be given the power to intercept and open people's mail prior to delivery. As Henry points out interception of mail was a common practice of the Stasi in East Germany - and now the Mother of Parliament, Defender of Freedom during two World Wars has sunk to the nadir of East Germany?

As I said in my previous post, Gordon Brown wants the electorate to believe that he and his party have the best interests of Britain at heart. Unfortunately, in achieving what he believes, his creed only allows one method - control, control of the people in how they live their lives, how they speak, think and act. The one belief Brown does not have - and it is the most basic of beliefs - is the belief in personal freedom, so elect him again and you can say to yourselves 'Welcome to East Germany Mark II', something we have virtually achieved with our membership of the EU!

Courtesy of IanPJ on Politics, I have discovered a new blog - well new to me, anyway -  'The Last Ditch' who writes on the subject of this post and other matters and the latest article is well worth a read.


James Higham said...

The Last Ditch you refer to. He enjoys spicy tomato juice and drives a Maserati with upholstery in a similar colour. :)

Tom Paine said...

Oh the joys of blogging! 5 years of sustained effort and still The Last Ditch is "a new blog". Thanks for the link and I am honoured to be in your blogroll.

(I can't say I much enjoy tomato juice, but I prefer it to being nicked for drink driving, James. The spicy part is to fool me into thinking it's a Bloody Mary).

Witterings From Witney said...

Apols TP, but I have only been going just over a year and you were 'new' to me!

No offence intended and none taken I trust. I have amended my post to reflect the above.