Friday, 26 March 2010

At Least Gerald Warner Hasn't 'Gone West' & Joined The Conservative Party!

Gerald Warner, writing in today's Telegraph, picks up on something that I have touched on also which is the lack of true journalism on the part of our political hacks. The Lib/Lab/Con are determined to keep knowledge of the real issues out of the media, will not debate with any party outside their 'cabal' - and the media are complicit in this.

"Journalists lunch and dine with MPs and ministers; they are on Christian name terms; they rely on them for “stories”; they take on, like chameleons, their interests, their views, their priorities, which are utterly alien to the rest of the nation. The demented notion that news that a party leader’s wife is expecting a baby is supposed to have the loyal tenants dancing in the streets, suddenly oblivious to the threats to their jobs and houses, raises a pertinent question: are these commentators completely sane?"

Thank God for 'real' journalists, such as the like of Warner & Delingpole!

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