Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cameron Direct Events

An report appears today in the Daily Telegraph of the Cameron Direct event held in Holmfirth, a marginal constituency. In the report, oddly, not one questions was raised it seemed on Britain's membership of the European Union, nor on Conservative policy to do with this subject.

Responding to an advertisement last year, I emailed Cameron Direct on 18th May in order to attend one such event being held at Larkmead School, Abingdon. A response was received by return asking for my full name and address, including post code, which resulted in an email on 20th advising me that unfortunately no places were available. It is a fact that my views are at variance with those of David Cameron and coupled with the fact that I am 'known' to David Cameron, the cynic in me most definitely believes that these events are  'stage managed', contrary to what the Conservative Party maintain.

An email I have received is rather 'telling' on Cameron Direct events: "Just reporting on a Conservative meeting Dave had in Poole recently. He was very relaxed all evening and the meeting went well until someone asked why would he not give us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, and his whole mood changed and he mentioned UKIP, then whole audience shouted UKIP and cheered. So he packed his bags and left the meeting. He was not a happy bunny.

It would seem that, regardless of attempts at 'stage-management', not everything goes to plan.


James Higham said...

He knows the question - he just won't face it.

Anonymous said...

Good. I am glad that the audience did that. Cameron needs a serious wake - up call, a violent one, he really is poor. Every time he speaks he loses votes, I do not understand him at all, well except that he is not a "conservative".