Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Government Response To e-Petition On UEACRU

The No10 website has published their response to the recent peitition requesting that the CRU unit at the UEA be suspended from the preparation of any government climate statistics until the various allegations had been fully investigated.

If "Science is giving us an increasingly clear picture of the risks we face from climate change. With more research, we can better understand those risks, and how to manage them." then why the bloody hell are we pouring £billions into 'crackpot' schemes when No10 admits that more research into the subject is needed? Why are we pouring £billions into a science which has been shown to be flawed?


williamsjk said...

According to the response we aren't. Other people are, not the government or taxpayers.

Lying scum the lot of them.

microdave said...

Yes, I got that this morning. They are still trotting out the same old crap - referring to the "other" datasets as proof. The datasets which draw from the same compromised information.....