Friday, 26 March 2010

Notable Omission - Oops!

Conservative Home currently posts a 'Roll of Honour - The 47 Conservative Councils cutting or freezing Council Tax'.

One would have thought that West Oxfordshire District Council - which is actually Witney constituency - would have moved heaven and earth to be included, in view of who is their sitting MP.

Especially as the ruling Conservatives have a majority (29) that iDave would give 'an arm and a leg' for, come the General Election. Actually never mind 'an arm and a leg', after failure to win an outright victory at the General Election poor iDave may well suffer the fate of Charles I once his party has finished with him.



subrosa said...

All Scottish councils have frozen council tax for the past 2 years WFW and mine has this year too.

Mrs Rigby said...

Sadly our council isn't listed