Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Power Ceded Is Never Returned

Picking up on the above, mentioned in the previous post, the warning contained therein is clear.

To sit idly by right now is to cede the ability to do anything about it later. Britain's constitution is being trampled on, nay bastardised and we, the people, are not crucifying those who are doing it, neither are we holding accountable those who could do anything to stop it. We live in a country that is supposed to be a democracy, but has virtually become a dictatorship in that our elected representatives ignore their constituents until, as now, they are forced to talk to us once more requesting that they may be granted another term of office in which to continue their venal ways.

At the forthcoming general election take advantage of the only power you actually have and one which they have not yet taken from you. Vote these criminals out of office and vote in people who stand for what you believe in. If you sat by in 2001 and 2005 because you believed your vote did not matter; or voted for the continuation of 'democratised dictatorship' in the belief that things would only get better, just look at what you have allowed to happen.

One can only hope that you, the people of Britain, will come to your senses and speak out in the only way you have and one which really matters. It matters not who you vote for, as long as it is not for one of the 'big-three' who are no more than a 'cabal' and one that wishes to maintain the 'status quo' of 'ripping-off' those they are supposed to represent. We are told that we are being presented with the opportunity for change - in which case let us 'burn our bridges' and decide on real change. What have we to lose? Consider, things can hardly get worse than they are now - can they?

Whatever you do - VOTE - and vote wisely, because this may be your last chance to retain your freedom!

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