Monday, 22 March 2010

The Logic Of Socialist Economics

Courtesy of Mrs. Rigby, Raedwald and The Times (follow links) we learn that 48% of the economy is providing the income of the remaining 52%.

Now I fully appreciate that the lack of mathematical expertise in the political elite is noticable in some areas of detail but, WTFFF!

Even the recipient of a E minus grade in GCSE Maths can appreciate that if only the minority are responsible for providing the income of the majority, to coin a phrase - err, Houston, we have a problem!

And the present f'wits who are in charge reckon that they have a plan to get us out of recession - and reducing our how any trillion deficit is it - by not 'cutting' expenditure?

God Above!

Afterthought: In view of the last expletive, perhaps I should have a word with that chap in the Vatican, who I appreciate is not flavour of the month at present, and ask if he could have a word with 'Him/Her Downstairs' and 'Him/Her Upstairs' (to show my acceptance of gender equality - and at the same time earn 'Il Vat' some Brownie Points) and see if one of them could help us out by arranging 'early retirement' to the present batch? What say you all? Is that a plan?


Mrs Rigby said...


Separately, but not quite separately, do you know if PFI money is included in this 52% or not?

Will be asking Raedwald the same question.

Witterings From Witney said...

Mrs. R,

PFI, PFI, PFI - now where have I heard that?

Oh, I know Politicians F'ing Income

Seriously, haven't a clue but if Raedwald doesn't know will investigate.