Thursday, 18 March 2010

Sorry Matthew But Cameron Is The Problem

Matthew Parris has an article in the Times headlined "Tory voters’ worries are misguided. Cameron is not the problem". He states that he believes the Tory faithful are fretful and expresses astonishment that their morale seemed so low. Having given a speech in support of a candidate friend, the questions centred on Europe, Immigration, Europe, The Public Sector, Europe......

Is it any wonder when Michael Gove says "At its best, New Labour was a recognition that the values of enterprise and aspiration could be fused with commitment to social justice and fairness. The party that best represents that fusion now is David Cameron’s Conservative Party." Gove's statement really should be referred to the Office of Fair Trading because 'Conservative' is most definitely not what the Conservative Party is!

When considering the forthcoming general election it therefore seems that 'Vote Cameron' means you get New Labour - which is not what the Tory faithful want to hear! The comment by Parris that "Labour propagandists keep trotting out the warning that if David Cameron wins, then the mask will be ripped off and we’ll be back to the same old Tories. The warning is the opposite of the truth. If David Cameron loses — that’s when we’d be back to the same old Tories." just bears out what I have maintained for some time - that if Cameron loses this election there will be a 'blood-bath' within the Tory ranks - then you might see the re-birth of the Conservative Party.

Never mind you Tory faithful, there is indeed a true 'Conservative Party' for whom you can vote - you just have to look further down the ballot paper to the 'U's, where you will find the UK Independence Party.


BTS said...

Damned straight.

Matthew Parris's articles are so far up Dave's backside that I daren't even use them when I've run out toilet paper.

I seem to recall him at point advocating that Dave should get too bogged down in policies until after he'd won the election. Am I the only one thinking that he's recommending not giving the voters any reason to actually vote Tory?

Or merely lying to us until he's safely ensconced in No.10?

Witterings From Witney said...


News Update: Parris has just appeared in Cameron's mouth!

No, actually Cameron is lying to us now - had you not noticed?