Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Opinion (Or It Seems, Lack Of) Polls

With the opinion polls by ComRes and YouGov last night showing the Conservatives in the 'upper thirties', Labour in the 'low thirties' and the LibDems around 'high teens and twenty', one could be forgiven for thinking that none of the three main parties message is 'getting through'.

Unfortunately it would appear that it is for some people, as the worrying aspect of these polls is the percentages of those who seem committed to vote for Conservative, Labour and LibDem policies scams. Goodnight Vienna in a post  states "We really are a tolerant people. Too tolerant." and in a comment to the same post she says "Some people aren't sleepwalking into Big State control, they're jumping in head first." IanPJ on Politics encapsulates the problem rather neatly, that the electorate of this country faces, in his latest post "If you keep voting the same, you will keep getting the same – shafted."

I can but repeat the point I made earlier "People in every corner of our country are utterly fed up with present day politicians who only interact with their electorate when it is time for their mandate to be renewed. To those people I would say: go read the publications 'Direct Democracy' and 'The Plan' (see links in right-hand side bar), read them and see what democracy could be like - and then read the manifestos published by all our political parties. Then go and cast your vote!"

People - will you please wake up before you live to regret your apathy.

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