Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Three Day Week In The EU?

With the news that a group of more than 70 organisations including church, trade unions and civil organisations are urging the EU to ensure that Sunday is classified as a work-free day, it must surely follow that groups such as Muslims and those of the Jewish faith will now be demanding that Friday and Saturday also be considered likewise 'sacrosanct'.

Add in any other group that feels it may require observance of a religious - or any other - holiday, and it ain't going to be long before companies, especially manufacturing companies, will only be open for three days a week, which also ain't going to do much for productivity. In view of the EU's wish to allow for 'diversity' and 'equality', how will refusal be possible?

Welcome to the 'mad-house' that is the EU!

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microdave said...

A cynic (I couldn't possibly comment...) might suggest this is all part of a master plan. It will allow yet more "offshoring" of jobs and services thereby allowing large companies to claim lucrative carbon credits, and then build new factories in developing countries. The UK's Corus steelworks to India anyone?