Wednesday, 17 March 2010

At Last! Democracy Reigns!

We now have a politician - and the first that I am aware of - to publicly state that he would always put the interests of his country and his constituents before that of his party!* **

Frank Field - welcome to democracy! I applaud you! As a 'non-socialist', were I to live in your constituency, I could almost vote for you!

* Now all Frank Field has to do is sign the Albion Alliance Pledge - and I have e-mailed him!

** Correction: I recall Philip Davies - Conservative MP for Shipley - did say, almost, the same thing!


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Joseph Takagi said...

Frank Field is a conviction politician. He had a carefully thought out programme for reforming welfare, got given the job and then was obstructed at all levels when trying to deliver it.

One of a tiny number of people in the Labour Party that I have respect for (also Kate Hoey and John Denham).