Monday, 15 March 2010

The Hidden Reasons (2)

Yesterday I had a 'rant' about the proposed lowering of alcohol limits in relation to driving and, because I was really 'p'd off' neglected to do the necessary research. Luckily, Richard North over at EU Referendum has, bless him. Follow the links in Richard's post and you will see this all began when Maastricht allowed road safety to become an EU competence.

It is this creeping federalism and the 'secrecy' involved, to which Richard refers and I mentioned, that annoys me, coupled with the subservient compliance as exhibited by our supposed 'leaders', whose belief in 'transparency' does not extend to being 'open' with their electorate!

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Anonymous said...

Fortunately, it's getting easier for people to join the dots as more and more information is uncovered, along with increasing numbers of 'coincidences'.

Hopefully, it won't be long before we reach a critical mass of sheeple awakening for them all to get peeved enough to become active against the tyranny.

I hate to think what life will be like in this country in 2020, should we fail to extricate from the monstrous totalitarian hellhole that is the EU.