Thursday, 2 July 2009

Socialism + Regulation = Bureaucratic Nightmare

Picking up on an article by Henry Porter in the Guardian, it seems that the socialist ideal of 'control' could well be hoisted on its own petard.

Reporting that evidence presented to the home affairs select committee suggests the collection of personal data from people leaving Britain may well be illegal under EU law, the article also shows that, for ferry passengers, a method of capturing their data has not yet been identified, consequently no work has been done developing a system to support it.

As 53 questions now have to be answered before one can leave Britain, this now means that people are, in effect, prevented from travelling, thus immediately infringing the 'free movement of people', one of the defining 'rights' of Britain's membership of the EU.

Not only demonstrating the ability of this government to introduce regulations that have not been 'thought through', it also demonstrates their ability, because of this failing, to waste taxpayer's money.

When exercising our democratic right to dispense with the present government, can we also have the opportunity to dispense with the other collection of socialist idiots in Brussels - please?

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