Monday, 9 November 2009

Alan Johnson Lives In La-La Land

Like others in the political world, wedded to EU membership, Alan Johnson continues to write and spout what can only be described as utter tosh on the subject of immigration.

"We don't have an open-door policy. It is misleading to say we have got one or that we have ever had one. We manage immigration."

The government well may 'manage immigration' from those outside the EU, but for anyone born in the EU this country does have an 'open-door' policy. From whatever country one arrives from to live and work here, they are still immigrants. Hence, yet again, we have an example of a politician being untruthful. 

Rather than attempt to write words of wisdom, perhaps Alan Johnson should revert to his previous 'day-job' and dcliver them!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Net migration to and from other EU countries is quite small gross and net figures, and this benefits us Brits who want to live or retire or work abroad as well. I just can't get too upset about it. (We could have this without the EU, of course, but the EU rules do make it easier).

OK, some of those Rom's and Bulg's don't behave very well, and we seem to be a bit slow to kick them out, but that is not the end of the world.

The real worry is the 'bad' immigrants who come here to live off crime or welfare or both, and we could still do a lot about them (like sending them straight back to France!)