Friday, 27 November 2009

Yes, But Where's The Bloody Money Coming From?

Is Gordon Brown hell-bent on wrecking this country for good and create an even bigger headache for the next government who have to solve the mess he has already made?

The latest idea of Gordon Brown is for a £10billion world fund to help developing countries halt climate change into which 'fund' Britain is to donate £800million.

So where is this sum of money to be found? Why should Britain donate towards a scheme based on a science which is open to question? And seeing as this money is, in effect, ours it would be nice to have been asked first! Oh, and useless as they are, no doubt Parliament would have liked to be consulted too!

Just because Gordon Brown is f***ed does not mean that the rest of us want to be - especially by him!


James Higham said...

even bigger headache

Max damage is the plan.

Goodnight Vienna said...

He keeps handing out money, that we don't actually have, like Smarties. He's thoroughly delusional and needs a strait-jacket pronto.