Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Blair's Babes & Cameron's Cadre

There is a certain similarity in the imposition by Blair of All Women Lists and that of Cameron with his 'A' List of candidates. In each case this has been a ploy to raise the level of representation in Parliament of women, ethnic minorities etc, resulting, in the case of Blair, with the election of people totally unsuitable and, it can be argued, underqualified for the job.

One consequence of the wish to ensure equality of race and gender, has meant that, similarly, democracy has suffered in Britain by our elected representatives being beholden to their Party for their position as Members of Parliament, leading to situations when the good of the party has, invariably, been placed above that of the country.

In the case of Cameron, with his avowed policy of 'devolution of power', imposing candidates on a constituency party can hardly be held to be an example of letting local people decide. Unless of course it is Cameron's intention to have his parliamentary party, to coin a phrase, 'trussed up' in a nice controllable, clone-like robotic-voting package?

Just a thought..........

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Mark Wadsworth said...

"A certain similarity"?

It'd be quicker listing the differences ... ah, right.