Monday, 16 November 2009

Powerless Select Committee And MPs

The Daily Telegraph reports MPs have warned that European plans for a new financial super-regulator are "hasty" – adding that it was "better to be right than quick".

The article continues: "The powerful House of Commons Treasury Select Committee said that........." At the end it also states: "The Treasury Select Committee claims that the proposals blatantly fly in the face of an earlier agreement in June by politicians that ensured measures would not impinge on the fiscal responsibilities of member states."

The 'powerful' Treasury Select Committee and MPs can shout and complain all they like, but it won't be them making the decision, nor will they have any input into that decision, said decision being made by Brussels.

To whinge about earlier EU 'agreements' shows that neither the Treasury Select Committee nor MPs have learned anything about the EU and 'agreements'. Perhaps this is the first example which shows how impotent MPs are when it comes to laws by which this country is now governed.

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James Higham said...

Financial superregulator - makes one shudder.