Monday, 23 November 2009

Is It Either Labour Or Conservative?

There would appear what may be termed an air of self-rightousness when considering the attitude of both Labour and Conservative Parties to government.

We have today John Redwood commenting on the Observer Mori poll making light of the percentage points of Greens and Ukip in which he goes on to say: "What these polls also show is that UKIP and the Greens are unlikely to win any seats. Their prospective voters can back their chosen cause, or they can vote for either Labour or the Conservatives to help choose the government.". Much as I admire John Redwood, one has to ask by what god-given right does he assume that we must vote Labour or Conservative?

Melanie Phillips, posting on the Coffee House, points out that at a dinner party of nine, only two were committed to voting Conservative, one was undecided and the remaining six were determined not to so do, with a number of those six considering Ukip.

It would appear that the three main political parties all have their heads buried in the proverbial sand - or somewhere else. What is, I believe, beginning to annoy voters is the apparent venal and unpatriotic attitude show by Lab/Con/Libdem politicians today, with the drip-drip of questionable expense claims, the institutionalisation of politics in that politicians believe they are the 'masters', and the obvious decisions they take in putting party before country. Gerald Warner has what can only be described as a brilliant post - in that it says what so many think - and in describing Cameron's dictatorial attitude Warner writes: "The objection to that agenda is that it would have given Dave a 500-seat majority which, to a fastidious Whig such as Cameron, is suggestive of mob rule or, as we used to call it, democracy.

The attitude of our politicians has to change, they have to be made aware that they are representatives of the people and must therefore enact laws that the people want, that they must take the country in the direction the people wish. To this end it is imperative that politicians who are elected at the next opportunity do firmly believe that country must take precedence over party! To enable this to happen the Albion Alliance are attempting to have every prospective candidate, at the next election, sign up to the Albion Alliance's pledge.

Until we have politicians firmly entrenched with a sense of duty to country, above personal gain or position and who believe in real devolution of power, we can never call ourselves a democracy.

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