Friday, 20 November 2009

Why Do Our Politicians Lie To The Country?

With the 'election' of Rompuy and Ashton to the positions of Prez and Foreign Minister of the EU British politicians continue to lie to the people.

We have Gordon Brown, on the appointment of Ashton, saying: it gave Britain "a powerful voice in Europe". Then Downing Street said Lady Ashton's appointment was "a very good result for Britain".

Bear in mind that anyone appointed to work for the EU must, as a condition of their employment, forgo any 'national political ideas' they may have or show any favouritism to their home country, as their prime requirement is to further the goals of the EU. One has only to look at the oath Ashton took on becoming an EU Commissioner: "I do solemnly undertake to be completely independent in the performance of my duties, in the general interest of the Communities; in the performance of these duties, neither to seek nor to take instructions from any government or from any other body”.

On the basis that Ashton cannot show favouritism to Britain, perhaps politicians would desist pushing the line that it gives us 'a powerful voice in Europe' and that it is 'a very good result for Britain'!

Just for once can a politician tell us the plain unvarnished truth - or is that asking too much?

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