Saturday, 21 November 2009

Was Curry Milking The Taxpayer Or Just Cherry Picking?

David Curry, the Conservative MP and ex-Chair of the Standards Committee, appears to be in yet more trouble with these allegations.

Repeating the original allegation that he had defrauded the taxpayer for the upkeep of his constituency home in that he used it to have an affair with a headmistress, Cherry Edwards, this latest allegation is concerned with Curry's position as chairman of Dairy UK, an industry lobbying body.

The one thing in this article which stands out is Curry's response: "My role was registered entirely in accordance with the rules”.So yet again we have an MP, allegedly guilty of the misuse of public money offering the 'within the rules' defence.

Not only are the instances of alleged impropriety by MPs in respect of their conduct appalling, but so is their connivance in the whip-induced process of putting party above country and in this regard one only has to refer to the way in which MPs have ceded their control to Brussels in respect of their ability to govern this country.

All the more reason to visit the Albion Alliance and insist that this abrogration of their responsibilities ceases forthwith!

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Goodnight Vienna said...

You're so right WoW - it just goes from bad to worse and the more we learn the more we wish we could just ignore it and wish it all away. Alas! Systemic corruption has to be dealt with. It's time we faced facts; it's time for feet on the street.