Thursday, 19 November 2009

EU Presidency and Foreign Minister

A thought on the above.

Leaving aside the fact the the Prez and Foreign Min will not be chosen by a democratic ballot of the people they are supposedly going to represent - the people don't even know who the poxy candidates are!

Anyone even seen a list from the EU stating these are the candidates from which the Heads of Government will select someone to fill each role? Didn't think so!

Bearing in mind the EU, its concept and mechanisms - perhaps there is only one candidate for each post: Mickey Mouse for Prez and Mini Mouse for Foreign Min!!

Update: Open Europe posts that Baroness Catherine Ashton could well be Foreign Min - seems my nomination of Mini Mouse could well be spot-on!

Update (2): Politics Home seems to confirm it!! Just goes to show how far you can get in politics without ever having anyone put a X against your name on a ballot paper!!! Yet another reason for joining The Albion Alliance!!!!

Update (3): Mickey Rompuy Pompuy and Mini-Catherine 'The Not-So-Great' it is - pat on the back, WfW?

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