Sunday, 15 November 2009

Thought For Sunday

Just listening to Classicfm and they have an interview with Michael Caine - obviously to 'plug' his new film, 'Harry Brown - and two comments he made struck a chord.

1. In 'researching' the film he spent time talking to groups of 'gangs', people who, he says, you would not want to meet, and the general complaint these 'gangs' had was they felt they had been 'let down' at school by the education system, that they had not learned anything that would help them get work and, more importantly, that it had not taught them 'knowledge'.

2. He also said that, whilst filming, they had used a block of flats that were now being demolished and the one fact that struck him was the size of the rooms. Caine said that what struck him was that there was not one room in which the family 'could sit down and have a meal together'.

Perhaps politicians, educationalists and planners could learn something?

Just a thought.........

Afterthought: I always remember Michael Caine, being interviewed on 'Parkinson', on the subject of 'old age' and why we older people talk to themselves. He said that it was because we have said all we want to say, we have heard everything that has been said - therefore we don't need anyone else!

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