Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What Is It Then If It Is Not A Global Conspiracy?

An interesting observation is made by Geoffrey Lean, in his article, in the Daily Telegraph today. Geoffrey does tend to 'Lean' towards believing in the 'religion' of Global Warming - or is it now Climate Change as the warming theory seems to have been disproved - as his previous articles have shown.

Discussing the 'conspiracy' theory Lean ends his piece with: "That would require the disclosure of a global conspiracy by scientists with the complicity of governments, which is a far-fetched scenario to say the least.". 

With e-mails being exchanged between British and American scientists, whose work is funded by governments, said governments implementing policies based on the scientist's 'findings', rather makes that a global conspiracy one would have thought - and hardly a 'far-fetched scenario'?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Warmenism is not a tightly knit and pre-planned conspiracy, it's just one of those self-reinforcing trends that gathers so much steam that it looks like a conspiracy after the event.

A bit like Home-Owner-Ism.

Witterings From Witney said...

If it looks like a conspiracy, which it does; if it acts like a conspiracy, which it has - then it is a conspiracy. QED.

Don't lets open the pandoras box of home-ownerism - basically I am with you on that one