Thursday, 12 November 2009

Albion Alliance

The Albion Alliance is a new 'movement' which has been started, one with which I am associated, and is a cross-party alliance of like-minded people who are totally fed up with the emasculation of our democracy caused not just by the present government, but also by our membership of the European Union.

We seek to ensure that at the next General election only those MPs who are elected have a belief in furthering the cause of country before party, who believe in restoring self-rule and thus reintroducing those institutions, practices and customs that have been so debased. In restoring that self-rule we would wish to rebuild a solid foundation for the future of Britain - a foundation built on freedom, self determination and sheer common sense.

As stated on the website, it is not our intention to split party or vote, neither to ask supporters to forgo their party membership, purely to ensure that - come the General election - the voter will know which of the candidates wish to retain Britain's subjugation to the EU and which believe in returning Britain to a self-governing nation state. With sufficient numbers of 'self-governing MPs', regardless of party, it should be possible to force the government of the day to hold the referendum that the majority of this country want.

Do take a look at the website - which is still under construction - and any comments are more than welcome.

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