Friday, 13 November 2009

The Question Of Europe On The Rise?

Politics Home Polls have posted an interesting survey result, albeit that the number surveyed are small and no doubt the methods used will not comply with Polling Codes of Practice.

One aspect of this poll which is striking is that the subject of 'Europe'* - by which one presumes they mean this country's membership of the European Union - has risen in importance, as a 'key' issue from 18th place to 10th and percentage wise from 12 to 31.

Methinks that 'Europe', as a key issue, is going to rise a lot higher in the coming months - something I am sure that Came Ron will view with horror. (TeeHee)

* When will the media desist from referring to the EU as 'Europe'? Europe, in case they have forgotten, is a continent - not a bloody country! Mind you, I do have to admit that education standards have plummeted somewhat in the last few decades and therefore one doubts whether the present 'younger generation' taught the subject or even know what is the definition of 'geography'.


Sue said...

To be absolutely honest, some of the girls I have encountered and spoken to about it are absolutely bloody clueless! (I have accompanied my daughter to mothers and tots groups).

They are so consumed with their own little worlds and TV that there's no room for anything else. They don't even question the slightest change in the creeping state!

I f**king despair for young mums and dads frankly, they've all been brainwashed or can't be arsed! Mind you, this is Milton Keynes and my daughter is as worried as I am about the EU, but I wish some of the others would wake up.

I do hope this is not typical!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that the attitude you mention is all too common, but after 1st December we may see the reults of the EU grab and people may begin to wake up. I hope.
I am sick of posting on sited to get them to differentiate between the EU and Europe, everybody makes the same mistake. Politicos of course do it on purpose to hide the real problem.

James Higham said...

Yes, we're up against a certain ignorance syndrome in one section of society.