Monday, 23 November 2009

Getting A Tad Concerned With Dan Hannan

Just where - and on what bridge - is Dan Hannan standing?

On November 4th Dan posted this, calling for "full-on Helvetic people power", stated that he wanted a referendum on membership of the EU and concludes: "Now who will stand on either hand and keep the bridge with me?"

Yet Dan Hannan, in his later postings on his Telegraph blog and in articles he has since written, seems to have gone rather quiet on the subject of organising his referendum. One gets the impression that Hannan, whilst being a libertarian conservative, sees his brand of localism working in the European context, rather than in an Independent UK.

He was questioned whether "(1) In the light of recent events, are you willing now to call publicly for a full-blooded, unnuanced referendum on British membership of the EU? Would you give such a referendum your active and unqualified support? (2) Do you agree that this should be principally an issue of democratic legitimisation, quite apart from the issues for and against membership? The response was: (1) Yup, (2) Yup."

Douglas Carswell - co-author, with Hannan, of 'The Plan' - has also been e-mailed via his Parliamentary web address, whether he would sign up to the pledge asked for by the Albion Alliance - to date no response has been received. To those of us who believe in Britain being a self-govering nation and thus able to decide its own laws, with whom it trades and for the introduction of 'Direct Democracy', the likes of Hannan and Carswell have been 'Beacons of Light' and two to follow.

As a result the question has to be asked of Hannan, were he to be standing for election in the 2010, would he sign the Abion Alliance pledge? Simple question Dan - yes or no? The same question has been put to Douglas Carswell - who is standing for re-election - and the electorate has a right to know his position also.

The right of the electorate to know, when casting their vote, who will (a) put country above party and (b) who will use their position, as the people's elected representative, to bring about the wish of the electorate for a referendum on the question of Britain's membership of the EU, is of prime importance.

So come on chaps, will you sign or not?


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Sue said...

I must admit to being very disappointed with both of them. I once thought that these were two politicians I could trust to put their country above all else.

Seems I was wrong.