Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Can You Smell A Rat Here?

In their Press Summary on 9th November, Open Europe reported that:

"The Sunday Times reported that EU fraud investigators are conducting an inquiry into UKIP over its MEPs’ use of expense allowances. The EU’s anti-fraud body, Olaf, has sent officers to the UK, who were last week interviewing potential witnesses."

On the basis it is reported today that, for the 15th year in succession, The EU's accounts have not been 'signed off' one would have thought that Olaf had far more important matters to which to attend. Also, cynic that I am, one wonders whether Olaf have had this investigation 'suggested' to them? It would after all mean that a certain party, if not all parties, had a problem conveniently 'negated' for them.

Just asking as it does seem that 'politics' has its 'murky' side................

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