Monday, 23 November 2009

Skewed Priorities?

One example of why our country is in the mess it is comes with stories featured in the Daily Telegraph and another publication.

We have the story of the National Memorial Arboretum, near Lichfield, requiring an estimated £8Million to prevent it falling into a state of disrepair. On the same page of the print edition there is a story that foreign prisoners are being bribed  - murderers, rapists and others - to return to their native country.

Another story is that of EU Commissioners and their incomes, with the present incumbents - who have overstayed their tenure of office - taking home more than €1million.  A fourth story features Cathy Ashton - our new High Priestess of Foreign Affairs - her salary of £295,000 and with 7,000 staff and an annual budget of £11billion.

I won't waste any reader's time by detailing the quangocrats, their hangers-on, and all the other 'unnecessary' jobs on which this collection of f'wits - aka the Labour Government - have wasted taxpayer's money!

And an appeal has to be launched, according to the Daily Telegraph, to save a National Memorial to our those of our armed forces who fell during operations????



James Higham said...

Everything turned on its head.

Sue said...

It's bloody criminal. It makes my blood boil!