Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Miliband 'Armlock' Or Local Choice?

Ed Miliband has announced the names of 10 sites suitable for a nuclear power station. The new super-quango, the Infrastructure Planning Commission will decide where these nuclear power stations will be built after 'consulting' the public.

In other words, with socialism the state picks the sites, the state decides what will be built where - All Hail The State.

However, what about this idea:

"Some US states have come up with an intriguing way of settling where to build unpopular installations, from incinerators to mobile phone masts. They ask each county what it would take to make them want the facility. Each county then submits a sealed bid, and the one with the lowest price is chosen. How the county authorities use the money is up to them: they can spend it, cut taxes or both."

How is that for an idea? You know, local authorities making local decisions in consultation with their electorate?

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