Saturday, 28 November 2009

There You Have It!

According to this article in the Sunday Telegraph, that is.

Hailing the appointment of Michel Barnier, Sarkozy reckons he has 'got one over the British' but at the same time wishes to "calm worries in the City about a more regulatory French regime orchestrated by Paris."

A 'more regulatory French regime orchastrated by Paris'? But are not EU Commissioners expected to forsake their national 'interests' and only work for the promotion and good of EU policies?

The Sunday Telegraph quotes Le Monde as saying Sarkozy said: "The agreement on the role of Michel Barnier was sealed between Barroso and I three days ago. It’s exceptional for France. And the second victory is that our friends, the Romanians, have agriculture.” Le Monde adds in reported speech, not quotes: “In brief, two jobs the Anglo-Saxons will not have.” 

And this is the 'system' and 'government' that Cameron, along with Brown and Clegg, wish us to be governed by? 

Bring on Lord Pearson - I, for one, want out NOW!!!!

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Sue said...

I hate the French. Well, the government have finally managed to get us invaded by a country of bloody peasants!

That whole article has just made me seethe with anger!