Sunday, 29 November 2009

The End Of Democracy?

Captain Ranty has a thought-provoking post which I heartily recommend is read.

Whilst any fool knows that membership of the EU does not result in democracy per se - at least, not as it is generally understood - there remains a deeper problem that we in this country must face and, by use of our vote at the next general election, change.

For far too long we have had a system in this country whereby a mis-guided individual idiot manages to get elected to a position by process which he becomes leader of his party. Presently we have three such examples who now lead the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties. Once attaining this position he then proceeds to act as a dictator in deciding what policies that party will put to the electorate and refuses to entertain any change to those policies from within, or outside, his party.

Under the present parliamentary and political system presently in operation MPs, once elected, are subjected to 'rule' by party whips who then ensure that, come a vote, their MPs cast that vote in accordance with party diktats, rather than what would be most beneficial to their constituents and, ultimately, for the country.


The Albion Alliance, who it must be stated are not a political party and who are not affiliated to any political party, are campaigning to ensure that candidates 'sign-up' to an undertaking that they will put country before party and also that they will pledge to actively promote - or actively support - a Bill to ensure that a referendum on the question of this country's membership of the EU is put into effect within the first year of the new parliamentary term.

It cannot be over-emphasised that this 'undertaking' should be the basic requirement to which any candidate standing at the next general election, regardless of party, must agree to accept. It is, after all, not to much to ask - is it?

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