Saturday, 21 November 2009

This Will Test 'Open Government'!

Andrew Gilligan, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, pens an article which could well be 'political dynamite'.

If this report, and its accusations, is correct it raises questions about Blair being touted and 'promoted' for the position of EU Prez and, more importantly, the motives and principles of those who were doing the 'promoting'!

 Neither will it continue the government's rise in the polls! On this subject, the 'Others' details will be interesting, coupled with the thought whether Cameron's EU statement has contributed to the fall in Conservative support.


James Higham said...

This latter, undoubtedly. I put it this way:

1. As stated, the feelgood factor, at a time when people want good news, any good news, even if it’s not true.

2. Cameron’s stake in the ground reneging on an EU referendum, as he was always going to do and the reason the Tories are doing so badly in the polls.

3. The poll concentrated, as reported, on only the Big Three – over and over, always the Big Three and never the other parties. The centrist thinking population wanted clear water between the Cameron Tories and Labour and got spin in return. Anything smacking of “politician” these days gets up people’s noses.

4. The fear that the Tories are going to throw people off the dole and people in work fearing for their jobs at the same time. Just two days ago, someone said to me – if your lot get in, that’s you f—ed.

5. The limited understanding in the broader community of what is really going down. The ignorance is mindboggling, even in otherwise intelligent people.

Anonymous said...

Cameron's dug himself into a corner. No doubt, TPTB co-opted him into the global club when he emerged as a potential PM candidate. If he is too anti-EU, it's quite possible that they could conspire to scupper his chances of winning the GE. UKIP is feeling the heat in that respect, now.

On the other hand, if Cameron is seen to ignore the electorate's will, he won't attract sufficient votes.

The Gilligan article puts a grenade firmly in Blair's camp. But will anyone activate it?

I expect the Chilcot inquiry won't live up to its name - it'll be a whitewash.

Were Blair to be found remotely guilty of war crimes, there could be reverberations across Whitehall (including the civil service) - and across the Atlantic.