Sunday, 22 November 2009

Gerald Warner Blasts Cameron!

Courtesy of Muffled Vociferation I found this.

Oh Boy, at last someone says something that is so true - go read Gerald Warner!

Gerald Warner:

"Basically it aims to cleanse the Conservative Party of serious Eurosceptics, people who actually want to halt immigration rather than administer it, social conservatives, religious believers, tax cutters, patriots, opponents of demented Middle East Wars, rural dwellers, man-made climate change sceptics and anybody who did not go to Eton, unless they are Liberal Democrat, republican wimmin. Considering the proportion of the British population which that programme seeks to exclude, it can only be described as heroically disinterested.

A less principled demagogue than Dave might have been tempted to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and, if that did not do the business, another on In/Out of the EU; a moratorium on immigration along with repatriation of illegals; the repeal of all Labour’s oppressive PC statutes; withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan; a neutral investigation of the facts behind the climate change hysteria without committing any money to the anti-carbon black hole; and the right of constituencies to select their own candidates.

The objection to that agenda is that it would have given Dave a 500-seat majority which, to a fastidious Whig such as Cameron, is suggestive of mob rule or, as we used to call it, democracy. No one can accuse him of courting popularity, at least among Tories. Some of the braver spirits among the pointy-heads and young fogeys in Wisteria Mansions may venture to suggest to Dave that many of us, among his natural constituency, his core vote, the lifelong Tories, are becoming mildly disaffected."

Now that is telling Cameron! Go, Gerald, Go!

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