Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Cameron Party Poll Decline

An interesting question is posed on political betting in respect of the decline in the poll figures for the Conservative Cameron Party.

Interestingly the post notes that PaddyPower has a market on the number of votes that UKIP will get at the election - and the betting suggests a significant increase on 2005.

When one couples that betting trend with Lord Pearson's election as leader of Ukip and his latest message, methinks that the Boy Dave may well get the hung Parliament he so richly deserves.

Update: This 'poll' also suggests all is not well within the Cameron Party


Captain Ranty said...

I think history will show that when Cameron made his statements on Europe, and removed all hope of an in/out referendum, his popularity sank faster than Gary Glitters.

On Tuesday 1st December 2009 we are all presumed guilty, we lose habeus corpus, and the right to a jury trial. We can also be locked up for 8 months. Without charge. All the furore over 42 days will seem like a pleasant choice.

When the great unwashed finally realise how much we have given away, there may be an awakening.

I am wholly dependent on Lord Pearson and honest bloggers to get the word out. Relying on the msm to educate the masses is like putting all your faith in a 40 year old Lada to get you from A to B.

That "something wicked" is just 48 hours away.

God save us.


Sue said...

I think they're seriously trying to downplay UKIP's popularity. UKIP really should go all out to get their policies across to the electorate now. They are WINNING policies. The EU and the alien ways of Islam are serious issues in ordinary peoples minds.