Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Telegraph On Democracy

The Telegraph editorial today is an example of what passes for journalistic prose.

Waffling on about the State Opening of Parliament being an event to reassert the supremacy of Parliament; a throne modelled on the Coronation Chair used in 1301; the primacy of the Lower House; the State Crown being emblematic of a nation for which history and tradition matter;  it contained not one word about the fact that Parliament is now but an expensive and unnecessary administration centre for our real government based in Brussels, not one word about how the supremacy of Parliament has been emasculated by its subservience to Brussels; not one word about how we, as a country, have allowed our history and traditions to be ridden roughshod over - I repeat, not one bloody word!

To be fair to the Telegraph it did deign to mention examples of how debased Parliament has become citing a Lord Chancellor who sits in the House of Commons and a Speaker "who eschews the ceremonial attire of his predecessors and who appears to regard himself as greater than the ancient office he holds.", or as Simon Heffer wrote: the human incarnation of Donald Duck.

What is the problem with our media today that it ignores, or refuses to comment on, that which is under its bloody nose? The abbreviation 'MSM' stands for mainstream media - perhaps it should be redesignated as standing for mindsapping media!

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