Saturday, 21 November 2009

When Will The MSM State the Bleeding Obvious?

Just a few thoughts on the attempt at journalistic prose, one that is termed an editorial, in the Daily Telegraph today.

Headed "We'll be watching you, Mr. Van Rompuy", it unfortunately does not say, when having 'watched', what our options are if we don't like what he does. Bit pointless saying that then - but hey, this is the Daily Telegraph.

The'editorial' also states that "Geoff Hoon was unacceptable to Brussels" - to whatever muppet of a journalist who wrote that, do they not realise that Geoff Hoon is unacceptable to anyone, assuming of course that the voters were to be asked!

Discussing the fact that Britain no longer has a European commissioner with a specific portfolio, it continues: "William Hague, the shadow foreign secretary, has argued that what this country really needed to secure was a top economics job. How right he was; for now we face the prospect of a commissioner from France or Germany holding a new portfolio that covers banking, pensions and financial markets in Europe." - when will 'journalists' stop parroting the line that having a British commissioner matters - for the last time you journalists idiots, it matters not who has the bloody porfolios as the incumbent has to work for the good of the EU and cannot favour their native country!

The 'editorial' also states: "David Cameron has already promised to assert parliamentary control over the sneaky mechanisms of the Lisbon Treaty that allow further power to be ceded to the EU without a new treaty.". So yet again David Cameron, like so many politicians, makes a promise which he has no chance of delivering. Any promise to re-assert parliamentary control when the Lisbon Treaty includes a Declaration confirming the primacy of EU law over national law and considering that in any dispute arising between the EU and member states, it is the European Court of Justice - whose obligations include the promotion of European political integration - that matters, this makes Cameron's Sovereignty Bill even more meaningless.

Our politicians often stand accused of having their heads buried in the sand - it appears they have been joined by the Daily Telegraph!

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