Sunday, 22 November 2009

A Betrayal Of the Working Class

On the Andrew Marr programme (about 16min 12secs in) Samantha Bond brings up the subject of asbestos and surprise is expressed about the article in the Independent as it was agreed by both Bond and Marr that asbestos was an 'old story'.

Far from asbestos being an 'old story' it is very much a present day story in that Riverside/ECHG Housing Association(s) left one tenant 'in situ' whilst work on asbestos (brown variety*) was carried out and have three other tenants 'in situ' where 'open' asbestos (suspected brown variety) is still in existence!

I shall be posting on this in a few days time.

Odd, when housing associations have a statutory 'duty of care'!
* as in the three 'grades, 'white', 'brown' and 'blue' - nowt to do with Gordon this time!

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