Monday, 30 November 2009

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Writing on the 'pay-offs' that the 13 EU Commissions, who were not re-elected, will receive the  Times mentions some figures that are truly staggering. Even those Commissioners who have been in office for less than one year will receive a 'pay-off in excess of £250,000. The press summary from  Open Europe also comments on this 'largesse'. 

Whilst discussing how the taxpayer's money is wasted on incompetents, a related article in Open Europe's press summary bears repetition. Apparently The Sunday Times reported that Cabinet Ministers are findings that they can no longer call on their Government drivers after 7pm, because of the EU’s Working Time Directive. They are now forced to use agency chauffeurs, or taxis.

On the basis that both these reports are undoubtedly true, one has to repeat the well used plea - can we please get the hell out of the EU madhouse?

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