Monday, 30 November 2009

Just Try That With My Flag!

England Expects posts on a rather embarassing episode featuring the country of Malta and the EU Commission.

In their 'apology' the Commission said: "The Commission was in no way trying to insult the Maltese flag and any indignation this incident might have caused is greatly regretted". Even of more concern to those of us that believe in 'nationhood' the Commission said it was: "something which was still achieved despite the incident".

Having written the title of this post I do realise that the EU has already 'insulted' this country by their denigration of our constitution, way of life and customs, but if the EU f**k around with my flag that will result in a declaration, on my part, of war!

Oh and by the way, the EU know what they can do with my rights as an EU citizen too!

I really, really am getting bloody annoyed now!!

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Trooper Thompson said...

Don't let 'em know, or else they'll take everything else, and leave you nothing but the flag to cloak your nakedness.