Sunday, 15 November 2009

Ironic Biteback

After preaching about the evils of 'central control' by David Cameron and the ill effect caused thereby, it is with some humour that one observes the goings-on in South West Norfolk.

The imposition of 'A' list candidates upon a constituency party is nothing more than 'central control' and makes a mockery of Cameron's stated aim to 'devolve power'

Sir Jeremy Bagge: "His [Cameron] message to me was that we had made a mistake and please hold  hard because if we stir the pot it could have a ripple effect throughout the Conservative Party. Since then, he has done a U-turn on the referendum (on the Lisbon Treaty), and I would have thought that had rather more of a ripple effect than I am causing in South-West Norfolk."

Much is made on Conservative-supporting blogs and newspapers about the Government 'imploding'. It may be an idea if they looked in a mirror as it seems that the Goverment-in-waiting is imploding too!

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James Higham said...

As one from the Tory camp, I'd not like to see an implosion but perhaps it is both majors in trouble which might give us a shot at some real democracy and small government - provided we can get the EU out of us though.