Tuesday, 9 March 2010

AshtonAir/Barroso Air/Rompuy Air Why Not EU Air?

Subrosa has spotted a report in the Times that Ashton may be pushing for her own aircraft, with the expectation that it will be necessary for her to travel some 500,000km a year.

"If they give her a plane then José Manuel Barroso, the European Commission President, will want one. And if they give Barroso one, then Herman van Rompuy, the European Council President will want one,” said one EU diplomat. “Or they will try to commandeer hers."

As I commented over at Subrosa's, how long before a Directive that all national airlines are rebranded as EU Air, or even that that the EU start their own?

Understandable really, that our politicians need aircraft too as only God's Chosen get their own wings and Disciples of the Devil don't qualify. 

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microdave said...

And this comes from the same EU which is trying to force the rest of us to reduce our "Carbon Footprints".....