Monday, 8 March 2010

Balancing The Books

It is acknowledged that Britain is broke and that this government is to blame through their fiscal policies, policies they have followed since their election in 1997. This government have followed policies that have split the United Kingdom, changed our society, enslaved us with so many constraining laws and in so doing made us dependant on the state, both financially and socially. In my lifetime, since 1942, history shows us that every time Labour have been in government they have 'effed-up' the economy and our society; resulting in the country being in a worse state than when they began. On each occasion it has been a Conservative Party that has had to clear up their mess and attempt to put the country back on its feet. The problem the country now faces is that there is no Conservative Party ready to 'ride to the rescue'.

Burning our Money, in his latest post, has a telling phrase - when discussing the announcement on IHT, by George Osborne, at the time Gordon Brown was sitting on the fence over whether to call an election: "At the Tory Conference in 2007, George transformed the political landscape with a single tax pledge - to abolish Inheritance Tax on all estates of less than £1m. At the time, the Tories were facing electoral anihilation at the hands of the Big Clunking Fist, but that pledge changed everything. We were actually there in the hall, and it nearly brought the roof down. You knew immediately it was a game changer, and within days Brown had bottled the entire election........a declaration that the Tories were returning to their traditional faith in low taxes."

Leaving aside taxes, where is the present day 'game changer' on immigration? Where is the 'game changer' on law and order? Where is the 'game changer' on Queen & Country? Thats right - nowhere! Why? Because Cameron has decided - mark this, he has decided with no 'consultation' with his electorate, his paymaster, that we are to remain a member of the European Union - and in so doing has forfeited his right to govern our country. And when was he appointed God?

In days of yore, the Conservative Party was renowned as the party of Queen & Country; of law & order, of fiscal stability, of freedom and choice - that 'absence' is the reason why the 'Conservative Party' today no longer exists and in its place we have the 'Cameron Party'. Readers must forgive me for making what is a partisan point, but today there is only one party in the forthcoming general election that is proposing 'Conservative' policies - and that is the UK Independence Party, a fact that I truly believe will gain greater understanding and traction with the electorate, the closer election day approaches. Go onto their website - read the 'Conservative' policies!

This situation just demonstrates the need that every voter reads the Albion Alliance website and the pledge that we have asked candidates to sign. If readers have not already done so, please write/email all your candidates standing in your constituency and ask them if they will sign the requested pledge. Tell them - no pledge, no vote! Use the Albion Alliance candiate database, see which candidates have pledged and those that have refused, read the poor reasons they have given for not pledging! You, the voter, can decide this election, not by voting for a party because you have always done so, but by voting for a candidate that actually believes in democracy and the basic question of who governs this country!

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