Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Chris Bryant - Minister Or Idiot?

Yesterday, Chris Bryant Minister for Europe, gave a speech to Progress, in which he condemned the Conservative Party for a 'wrong-headed' European policy. Unfortunately that comment is the only aspect of his speech which is anywhere near the truth.

Let us examine what this man said.

"Without the EU we can achieve little on climate change, on international crime or on energy security. Within the EU we can ensure our major foreign policy objectives on Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Middle East Peace Process and Russia can flourish." Do we wish to achieve anything on climate change, a science scam, the 'findings' of which are still in doubt? Do we wish to achieve anything on energy security when the policy proposed is one of dogmatic adherence to plans whose time-scale for implementation can never be met - whilst virtually ensuring power cuts in the future? We cannot 'ensure our major foreign policy objectives' as our 'Foreign Secretary' - one of the great Offices of State, or it was - is shortly to become no more than an office-boy to the EU Foreign Representative, Cathy Ashton.

"Let me be clear. Europe will not be a key determinant in the general election. By far the most important issue will be the economy and the very real danger that Tory cuts now would take us into a second recession or even slump."Oh yes it will, you twit! And for Bryant to state that the economy is the most important issue is laughable, considering Barroso has, in effect, said that finance will become an EU competence. It is also disengenuous of Bryant to hint that the Tories are the only party who would make 'cuts', when his own leader is now discussing doing just that.

Bryant complains that "First, the Tories are still the same old euro-phobic dogma-driven obsessives that they always have been." And Labour are not the 'same old socialist-phobic, dogma-driven obsessives that they always have been'?

"......on Europe his party is now more extreme than it ever has been. Just think about it - more extreme than Mrs Thatcher. More extreme than John Major." Extreme? Cameron extreme? FFS, the man is just as EU-loving as Brown or Clegg!

Bryant cites Philip Holobone, Douglas Carswell and Philip Davies and derides them for their views. He mocks Carswell because other Tories tried to 'talk his Bill out'. Bryant forgets that these three men believe in the principle that in a democracy those that 'govern' should be elected and accountable! Those three men also believe that country come before party!

"There's now a Conservative Central Office clampdown on candidates so they are not allowed to declare their real politics on Europe, but according to a recent Telegraph poll, three quarters of Conservative Candidates want to renegotiate the UK's relationship with the EU "as a matter of priority". In other words, it's more important to them than dealing with the worldwide economic crisis or tackling climate change." The fact that CCHQ has a 'clampdown' on candidates, stopping them giving their own views on the EU is hardly news. This was discovered months ago by the Albion Alliance - a little accreditation there would have been nice - and is also the reason for their 'Secret Pledge' facility.

"Cameron will surrender the national interest........." And what, precisely, Mr. Bryant has your leader done - and Clegg would do if he had had the opportunity? This dipstick, Bryant, also maintains that "Day in day out Britain's policy on Europe would be determined not in the Foreign Office, not in No 10, but by a cabal of backbenchers, many of whom actively want the UK to leave the EU." Which would at least mean that it was being determined by people who had been elected by the people of this country and were accountable to them! Bryant should remember that were his party to remain in government that 'Britain's policy on Europe would be determined not in the Foreign Office, not in No 10', but by the EU as it is presently!

"First, the ‘referendum lock'. Cameron, in an act of abject apology for not appeasing UKIP/Tory backbench opinion, now says he will have a referendum on any future treaty that transfers powers from the UK to Brussels. It sounds fair enough, if you believe that parliament should be supplanted by plebiscites." Where to start? What has Labour done if not supplant parliament with the EU? Why is it that Bryant, along with his party and most of the present MPs, do not realise that it is the people who are the masters and that MPs are but elected representatives, elected to carry out the will of the people?

On the same point Bryant continues "Who decides which treaties count? Would Croatia's accession treaty? Cameron says not, but what if others argued that it should? Presumably either the government or the courts would decide. If it's the Government we're back to relying on Cameron's word and his personal judgment. If it's the courts then we have simply handed power over to the lawyers and the judges rather than parliament." And by our membership of the EU have we not 'simply handed power over to judges'?

"It is a fundamental principle of the British constitutional settlement that Parliament is already sovereign. Parliament can repeal or amend any law it chooses, including the 1972 European Communities Act, which would mean leaving the EU." Exactly you pillock! If Bryant and his fellow pillocks are unable to understand that parliament is no longer 'sovereign'; that, contrary to what he believes, those we elect to make our laws are unable so to do, then Bryant is a bigger pillock than he allows himself to appear!

Apologies, but I cannot continue reading such a load of shite as this - one delivered by someone who considers himself a 'class apart but still a representative of the people, and one who, in reality, is no better than that in which he has just trodden!

If ever anyone deserved the WfW treatment of wall and AK47, it is this man!

Update: Does this man never stop putting his foot in his mouth? "The biggest risk that the country faces is a Conservative Government, who would put narrow party interest ahead of what's best for the British people." And Labour, Mr. Bryant? Sheesh!!

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wg said...

You know, all that any party other than Labour need do to illustrate the rotten nature of this present government is to put up full size billboards of Bryant cavorting in his underpants in front of a web cam with the headline - This is the present Minister for Europe.

What with Mandelson and Bercow our country is being dragged through the gutter