Monday, 8 March 2010

Delingpole Hits The Nail On The Head - Again!

James Delingpole, a writer of note, has once again on his blog 'cut to the chase' with the problems facing the Conservative Party and Cameron in particular. Talking to the Young Britons Foundation, whose chairman Donal Blaney, called a 'madrassa for young conservatives', Delingpole said:

"Unless you understand why it is that conservatism is the ONLY political philosophy that works, unless you are capable of appreciating – and explaining – why it is not merely the philosophy of self-interest and expediency but also the one which leads to by far the happiest outcomes for by far the most people, then there is NO POINT IN YOUR BEING A ****ING CONSERVATIVE at all."

Therein lies the root cause of all Cameron's - and his party's - present woes!

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