Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lights Out

Richard North has promised to write further on Christopher Booker's article in today's Sunday Telegraph which he will, no doubt, do much better than I ever could.

Christopher Booker ends his article: "But it means that anyone thinking of voting for Mr Cameron should first invest in a generator, before his smart meters turns their lights off."

It would appear, from recent opinion polls, that the electorate intend to put out Cameron's lights before he even gets to Number 10!


microdave said...

A couple of good threads about the same "head in the sand" lunacy in the USA here:

The second, in particular, has a LOT of comments, but it's well worth reading through all of them.

The subject of "smart" meters also crops up, along with the suggestion that those who can afford them will just buy generators....

Adam R. said...

David Cameron's potential loss at the polls has one bright side (no pun intended). He can serve as an example to other center-right parties throughout the world as how to not to run a campaign.

At least he can't feel like a total loser for that. Then again, he always thinks of himself as a winner, despite what reality says.