Saturday, 6 March 2010

Our Wonderful NHS

I hope every politician who repeatedly praises the NHS reads this article in the Telegraph by someone who has probably suffered, in a different way, to the same extent her parents have.

I can but hope that the politicians responsible for this state of affairs are ashamed to show their faces, or ever speak on the NHS subject again!

Read it and weep!

Update: Have just spotted this on National Death Service. Who devised the NHS? Politicians. Who has continually 'improved' the NHS? Politicians. Well, Mr. Burnham?


Macheath said...

Worth highlighting and reading - thank you.

Unfortunately, there's more to blame than just the NHS. Being embroiled in a not dissimilar situation on behalf of a relative with Alzheimer's, I am all too familiar with the pillar-to-post labyrinthine complications that arise when you need funding from both NHS and social services.

Thanks to local authority delays combined with a basic mistake by an NHS official, my relative stands to lose every penny of his life savings in meeting the bills for his nursing care.

Witterings From Witney said...


Sorry to hear of your plight also.

When I say NHS it is the NHS and all who work for/with them, in whatever capacity, that are to blame. It seems to me that the problem lies with possibly untrained, box-ticking crats.

Mrs Rigby said...

It's getting rather unpleasantly scary, isn't it.

Demetrius said...

How about having a full blown anaphylactic shock arising from a routine medical procedure in an NHS hospital and then the local PCT, which does not have the facilities, refuses to fund routine tests by an NHS specialist in a neighbouring PCT, to establish the cause?