Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A 'West' View On Immigration

Ed West, who blogs on the Telegraph website, is a writer for whom I have a lot of time, unfortunately on this occasion I must take issue.

Raising the question of when the Conservative Party Cameron Party will raise the issue of immigration - and at the same time noting that even 'La Polly' appears to have had a change of heart - he categorises immigration as the 'elephant in the room'.

FFS! The 'elephant in the room' is not immigration. Immigration is a mouse compared to the real 'elephant in the room'! When will people realise that when the three main political parties - all of whom wish to remain a member of that odious, undemocratic and therefore dictorial organisation the European Union - accept one simple fact.

The only immigration that Britain can 'control' is that from non-EU member states - and what, pray, is the point of 'controlling' that when, at the latest estimate, 200,000, if not more, can have unlimited access to Britain per annum and the 'benefits' she offers? Bound to increase that annual net figure will be the accession of Turkey to EU membership, as and when that happens.

When will politicians begin speaking truthfully - and the MSM begin reporting and writing truthfully - on what are really important matters? Do politicans not owe that to those who pay them and do not the MSM owe that to those who purchase their newspapers and read their blogs ?

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