Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Wheels Of (Local) Government Grind Slowly

On 5th March 2009 I emailed all Councillors on Oxfordshire County Council with the following questions:

"Dear XXXXX,

According to The Taxpayers Alliance, in a recent report, there are 28 councillors from Oxfordshire County Council enrolled in/on the Local Government Pension Scheme. The report also intimates that a councillor's role is 'part time*' in nature.

As a resident and taxpayer in the county I would be grateful if you would advise:

(a) whether you are enrolled in/on the LGPS

(b) if yes to (a) whether this is declared in the register of member's interests

(c) how many hours (per week - average) you spend on council business.

I thank you in anticipation of your response.

On 4th March 2010 I received the following reply from JohnSanders (Labour) Cowley & Littlemore:

"Yes I am enrolled. No, it is not on my list of members interests - should it be?"
* I have heard of 'part-time', but this must surely be stretching the term somewhat?

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