Monday, 30 August 2010

And We Are A 'Free People'?

According to the Guardian:

"David Cameron and Nick Clegg stand accused of sending the "wrong signal" to pimps and human traffickers across the world after the coalition decided against endorsing an EU directive designed to co-ordinate European efforts to combat the trade in sex slaves.......The coalition is invoking a special British right on any EU justice and home affairs measures. The directive will be decided in the EU by the system known as qualified majority voting, according to which no member state can wield a veto. But Britain has the right to decide whether to "opt in".

A number of points arise here:

1. And the difference between Brown & Cameron/Clegg is? Leaving aside all three are 'pimps' in that they have decided that we must live a life according to their 'diktats' (and the difference between a 'sex slave' and a 'voting slave' is?) this is nothing but another loss of a freedom to decide the 'rules' under which we wish to live. Consider: sex slaves and we, the people, both end up being unable to alter the system under which we live - both groups ending up being 'raped'!

2. As with the European Investigation Order (EIO), this latest Directive is a loss of our freedom to decide our own laws and the punishments to be meted out. On the EIO the Coalition decided to 'opt-in' without asking us whether we agreed. This is in direct contradiction to the Conservative Party manifesto - and agreed by the LibDems on entering the Coalition - that no further 'powers' should be passed to the EU without a referendum. Broken promise number 1! Broken promise number 2 will be when the Coalition decide whether to opt in or out of this latest Directive on sex trafficking, without consulting the British people.

3. On the question whether the British electorate has 'prostituted' itself by not insisting on a 'full and frank' debate on EU membership; by not insisting on a cost/benefit analysis; by withholding their vote at general elections until their right to the full facts are known and by allowing the politicians to 'coerce' us into accepting EU membership, I leave you to decide.

What is obvious, under this system of democracy by which we live, is that it is most definitely not a democracy wherby the people can decide their own laws but a system of 'democratised dictatorship', whereby a select few decide the fate of the majority!

It has to end and end now!


Woodsy42 said...

Having meekly accepted all the important recent anti-freedom EU directives our great leaders need to opt out of some directives.
They must leave themselves able to pretend not to have rolled over and accepted all the new EU rules. This being a suitably irrelevent non-issue is a useful one to reject.

(I begin to wish I had stayed at work full time where I didn't have time to learn about all this duplicitous government treachery.)

Anonymous said...

A bit off track WfW, but I commented with a link on a previous post concerning a letter from Vivian Reding to Barosso. The link I left doesn't seem to work. However, here is the piece in the letter that I was trying to convey.

"10. Monitoring of blogs and social networking sites and instant rebuttal

Automated blog monitoring is now available via the new EMM “European blog monitoring” tool on the MyIntracomm News Portal. Users can subscribe to email alerts based on key words. Fast and effective rebuttal is organised by the SPP with the help of responsible services. In addition I have asked DG COMM to set up a network of 10-15 social media experts across the Commission to ensure a targeted use of social media (such as Facebook or Twitter) for the Commission’s communication purposes."

This is an example of where the minds of the press should be. It's a disgrace.