Sunday, 15 August 2010

Milburn & Mobility

The story in today's Sunday Telegraph about the possibility of Alan Milburn being appointed 'Mobility Tsar' contains a number of 'misrepresentations' - written and unwritten, but then we are talking 'Telegraph' here.

The first is that it is not just to do with "boosting the chances of underprivileged children." - although we must not forget the 'children', must we - we must get that 'punchline' in at the earliest opportunity!

Now the second, unwritten misrepresentation is that this is just furtherance of the EU requirement of the free movement of people within the EU, but in this case within a member state. (Thought all this 'gold-plating' of EU directives was a thing of the past?)

Third, we then get told: "A Liberal Democrat insider said the appointment had been agreed between Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron as a way of promoting the former's "fairness" agenda." Be that as it may, Cameron does not need any pushing to lean towards, or favour, the 'left', being a 'lefty' himself!

Whilst criticism is justifiably levied against the BBC for its pro-EU reporting and being no more than a mouthpiece for the EU, that same criticism can be levied at the Daily & SundayTelegraph in that it fails to mention the 'EU influence' when writing about 'government proposals', such as this story about Milburn.

And the Telegraph considers itself a quality newspaper? The Sun has more quality and that usually comes on page 3 and in pairs!

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